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Iron Maiden vs Motörhead

‘’Metal’’ is a word that defines one of most fragmented and extreme genres of rock music. The term comes from ‘’Heavy Metal’’, one of the most famous expressions in the pop culture. It has been said that writer William Burroughs coined the term from the chemistry world, meanwhile it’s large the number of bands and […]

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Perhaps the most famous ‘battle’ of all music history is The Beatles versus Rolling Stones. This whole emulation has started with them back in 1965 when journalist and writer Tom Wolfe classified them as bands with very distinct characteristics, saying that ‘’The Beatles want to hold your hand, but the Stones want to put your […]

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Oasis VS Blur : a family affair

Oasis Oasis, A Brittish Rock band from Manchester formed in 1991, which has vastly influenced the 90s generation, with a total of 7 albums and a huge fan base, have been historically placed as one of the best bands in history, they strike a huge resemblance to The Beatles, as the vocalist (Liam Gallagher) has […]

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