During the rich history of rock music – there have been many rivalries between different bands. These are typically bands that have a similar vibe to them. So, they draw people’s attention and people try to compare them. And some of the most compared bands in the modern history of rock are the Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. Both bands are supremely popular and both bands have released some classic songs. To that end, can we determine which band is better than the other?


The Strokes

The Strokes are known to have that touch of genius when it comes to making music. Their first two albums are rock classics and they are named as some of the best rock albums in history. The first album that they made was named “Is This It” and it contained a number of songs that are considered classic. Not long after the release of their first album, The Strokes have dropped another album by the name “Room on Fire”. And with this album, it’s said that The Strokes have picked up exactly where they left off. Room on Fire quickly got its critical and commercial success and rose to the top of rock.

But after this, things have started to wane for The Strokes. They released two more albums in addition to their first two. These are called “First Impressions of Earth” and “Angels”. However, The Strokes have failed to reach the level of their first two albums and the fans were clamoring for more. In a sense, it’s said that The Strokes have the power to release classic albums – but that they are also inconsistent with the quality of their music.

Arctic Monkeys

But what about Arctic Monkeys? Well, the thing that differentiates them from The Strokes the most is the fact that they are far more consistent in the quality of the music that they put out. They have come out back in 2006 and with the debut album, “Whatever People Say I am, That's What I am not.” It was the fastest selling album in UK history at the time. And after their first album, Arctic Monkeys have been a lot more consistent in the quality of the rest of their material. In fact, this is best illustrated by their 2009 album titled “Humbug”. This is the album that’s said to have cemented Arctic Monkeys’ reputation in the world of rock. It has shown that the band’s skills get improved at a steady rate and that their music progresses with time.

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