Oasis, A Brittish Rock band from Manchester formed in 1991, which has vastly influenced the 90s generation, with a total of 7 albums and a huge fan base, have been historically placed as one of the best bands in history, they strike a huge resemblance to The Beatles, as the vocalist (Liam Gallagher) has a very similar way of singing and writing lyrics as they where one of his biggest artistic influences, Many modern independent artists have used Oasis as a source of inspiration as they raised to fame in a matter of a few weeks with their first album “supersonic”

They have received 6 “BRIT awards” nominated for the grammys 3 time, and 4 “ Mtv  Europe music Awards”

Oasis was influential due that their lyrics matched a generational crisis of youngsters trying to find themselves in a fast changing world with songs like “Wonderwall” which talks about an “imaginary friend” which will come to save you from yourself (referring to one’s subconscious or the weight of your actions and the regret behind it to” as this was a generation which did not have time for regret as it was highly fast paced, and artists struggled to breach through such concepts to catch and engage an audience, Oasis being the band which actually managed to do so even at a world wide scale.

Another of their most influential songs “Don’t Look Back In Anger” along with “Wonderwall” became the band’s most recognized and prized songs, becoming also their commercial hits, “the song itself does not have a meaning” says Gallagher, but he also said “you are free to identify yourself with it” and it is indeed easy to do so as the song is interpreted vastly as a concept to meditation and avoiding hurtful or negative thoughts or emotions.

Oasis split in 2009 as the guitar player Noel Gallagher, Liam’s brother, said it was impossible to work with his brother anymore, nevertheless Oasis remains as one of the most significant bands in the 90s history of rock and roll and British origin Bands.


Blur is an English Rock band formed in 1988, from London, and which still performs to the present year, they count with 8 studio albums.

In 1990 they released their first single “She’s So High” which reached number 40s in the UK Singles Chart and portrayed how they where influenced by bands like The Kinks, XTC and The Beatles, and it was not until 1994 that their album “Parklife” marked them in the history of British rock and Pop culture with their hit song “Girls & Boys” the album and the single where the gate to absolute fame as they became renowned worldwide and the single reached number 5 in the UK singles list.

Blur, just as Oasis was a band that targeted the 90s generation in a very similar aspect, and at the same time creating social  awareness through the lyrics which usually follow a very concrete or psychedelic story in the process, Blur and Oasis where so similar they both agreed in 1995 to release their new singles to see who would top the charts first, as they where at the moment probably the two most influential bands.

After their first decade, the vocalist Damon Albarn spitted from the band to start his project-band “Gorillaz” for which he won a GRAMMY for his single “Feel Good Inc”

Blur still plays live and tours with Damon Albarn but the members occasionally leave the band for a couple of months or a year to work on side projects.

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